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Chi Healing

What is it?
Chi Healing is based on ancient Chinese Taoist medical philosophy which works from the principle that illnesses, stresses and strains are the result of imbalances and energy blockages in the body. Emotional, mental and physical stresses strongly affect the whole body’s natural energy flow.

What is ‘Chi’?
‘Chi’ or 'qi' literally means intrinsic energy which flows fluidly and exists in all life forms. Harmony, vitality and health depend on the free flow and circulation of Chi energy within the body. Chi Healing harmonises imbalances and allows the body’s natural healing energy to flow to areas most in need and disperses congested energy. It gradually realigns the emotional, psychological and physiological levels of energy that run through the body and helps the whole being to return effortlessly to a state of balance, deep relaxation and well-being.

Individual Sessions
Healing sessions last for about one hour and are given with the client fully dressed. Long lasting and powerful healing results are maintained by those who regularly practise recommended basic chi exercises, healing sounds and deep breathing methods as this helps focus the awareness on connecting to, moving and balancing the body's energy. Home visits are available.

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