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Before moving to the West Country in 1979 I had a strong urge to play a musical instrument but none I tried 'felt right.' I spotted a ‘zither for sale with interesting peacock design’ ad in a local paper and this 50 stringed wonder was the instrument I had been searching for! I experimented and taught myself to play the zither and started to write instrumental compositions and songs.
Later, the nature of the voice itself became my focus exploring the Indian vocal scales as part of an intensive voice course with Chloe Goodchild in 1995 combined with the study of various ancient traditions using chant and vocal sound vibrations for healing and experimental sound landscapes. For much of this work, the harmonium is the supportive sea of drone holding the changing waves of the voice.
Further personal journeys with sound now include incorporating Solgeggio Chimes and Tuning Fork Therapy into this ever-reverberating mix of offerings!
Ancient Voices Album

'Ancient Voices' is a powerful and evocative journey to a deep ancestral place within us all. The songs and chants are original compositions rooted in the heartbeat pulse of the drone, flowing and shifting from devotional simplicity to the compelling vibration of shamanic rhythms. Cascading and soaring vocal harmonies are interwoven with a rich tapestry of instruments featuring the zither, harmonium, cello, bells, didgeridoo and percussion.

Listen to the Heartbeat (Preview)
Dear Heart (Preview)
Ancient Voices (Preview)

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Ancient Voices CD

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Various. ‘Rhythms and Pathways’ includes music, special guests and projected images of journeys through the human body and Nature.

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'Sacred Journeys' season-themed day or weekend courses offering Healing Sound, breathwork and meditation with Taoist/Chi-Kung movement practices in inspiring natural landscape and sacred sites.

'Resonant Soundbath Experience' in various venues. Background sounds combined with the live sound of singing bowls, tingshas, harmonium and voice provide a deep healing resonance in the body. Deeply relaxing, unique and pleasurable. Meditation, Movement & Sound each year on 14th February WORLD SOUND HEALING DAY - QI CHANTING Thursday 14th February 2019 at 1.20 for 1.30 - 3.00pm at Angel Gallery, South Street, TOTNES, Devon TQ9 5DZ. Tickets £15. Prior booking required and deposit secures place. Please email Jeanne for details.

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